Bounce ‘n’ Sweat

Rebounder is a short, fun, aerobic workout, that works the cardio vascular and the lymphatic system and tones each single muscle in the body in a very short time.
Unfortunately as we are ageing especially our lymphatic system that helps us to flush out toxins becomes lazier.

That’s why it’s so imperative to break out in sweat at least a few times a week. The great thing about the rebounders is that it does exactly that in a very short time without any heavy impact into our joints like other aerobic exercises, such is running.

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Because of the great benefit of the rebounder hundreds of professionals worldwide including doctors, chiropractors, health professionals and scientists recommend this great fun workout.

So for only 10 minutes a day, your getting a great health boosting workout in minimal time. Excellent to fit into any busy schedule.