Intro Offers for New Students

Are you ready to start incorporating more positive habits and practices into your life? Whether you are completely new to yoga or Pilates or more experienced, our studio welcomes you.

Over the years I have witnessed incredible transformations within our community here at Yoga Harmony. There is nothing more powerful than choosing to show up and work on yourself, to build resilience, strength and better physical and emotional health.

By becoming the best version of ourselves, we have so much more to give to the people around us.

Our $99 Introductory Offers are my little gift to all new Yoga Harmony students who are ready to join our community and experience the power of yoga, pilates and meditation. I know you will love all of the positive changes it will bring to your life!

Anyone who is new to Yoga Harmony can choose from:

Yoga Introductory Offer

  • Includes one month of unlimited yoga classes for just $99

Having one month unlimited access to all yoga classes is a great way to get to know our studio and our incredible, supportive teachers. We have a combination of energetic and gentle yoga styles on our timetable that suit all levels of fitness and yoga experience.

Fitness Pilates Introductory Offer

  • Includes one month of unlimited Fitness Pilates classes for just $99

This is the perfect option for those who are ready to start their fitness journey at Yoga Harmony. Our Fitness Pilates classes are limited to 6 students so that each person receives the individual care they need for their fitness level.

We can’t wait to meet you