Pilates is named after its inventor Joseph Pilates, who during the First World War came up with the idea of using bed springs attached to hospital beds to help injured patients retain strength whilst being bed-ridden. He noticed a great success using this method and the idea for the Pilates machines was born.

Today people all over the world enjoy the benefits of pilates. It’s a fantastic and FUN way to build and maintain strength and flexibility. Our classes are great for those looking to improve and maintain their fitness and strength.

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Pilates is also great for injury management and especially great for aging population due to its gentle, supportive movement guidance.

You can expect great results with pilates all in a fun, safe environment.

If you’re not too sure whether you want to do pilates or yoga as both have fantastic results, we have special offers for new clients for both services.

This is a great way for you to experience the differences while enjoying the great benefits they both provide.